How can I forget you when your always
on my mind?

How can i'm not want you when your
all I want inside?

How can I let you go when i can't see
us apart?

How can I not love you when you
control my heart?

I love you for giving your heart to me
and trusting me with your pride
I love you for wanting me
and needing me by your side

I love you for the emotions
I never knew I had
I love you for making me smile
whenever I feel sad

I love you for your thoughts of me
where i'm always on your mind
I love you for finding that part of me
that I never thought I'd find

I love you for the way you are
and for how you make me feel
but most of all I LOVE you
because i know you're mine for real

happiness is like a butterfly

the more you chase it

the more it will elude you

but if you turn your attension to other things

it will come and sit softly on your shoulder

if you are alone , I'll be your shadow

if you want to cry , I'll be your shoulder

if you need to be happy , I'll be your smile

but anytime you need a friend , I'll just be me

I'll always be beside you

until the very end

wiping all your tears away

being your best friend

I'll smile when you smile

and feel all the pain you do

and if you cry a single tear

I promise I'll cry too

its love because I want you to be happy

even if it means you'll go on without me

even if it means its going to kill me everyday

even if it means we can only be friends

even if it means I'll have to be alone

even if it means you won't love me back

even if it means you'll never be mine

but still I love you , only you

i'm not supposed to love you

i'm not supposed to care

i'm not supposed to live my life

wishing you were there

i'm not supposed to wonder

where you are or what you do

i'm sorry , I can't help myself

cause i'm in love with you

you learn to like

someone when you

find out what makes

them laugh , but you can

never truly love someone

until you find out what

makes them cry

LOVE is always patient and kind
it is never jealous
love is never boastful or conceited

it is never rude or selfish
it does not take offence
and it is not resentful
LOVE takes no pleasure
in other people's sins but
delights in truth
it is always ready to excuse
to trust
to hope , and
to endure whatever comes